Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Even though we have been home for a few days, -aside from Don going to work and coming home- we have yet to leave the house. The boys have been sick. First Lucas in North Caroline, then Jaxon in New Mexico and now Wyatt has been passed the cootie torch and is feverish and coughing. He will tell you that he is sick and is coughing and his throat hurts. It is amazing how much easier it is to have sick kids who can tell you exactly what is wrong with them.

Lucas still has a little cough at night, but he is feeling 100% better during the day. So much so that at night he is getting a little "froggy" with Don and I. He is bouncing/dancing on the couch like a little mad man. "Mom, did you see that?" he asks 100 times over as his body wiggles and slams upside down into the couch faster than I could imagine it could. He is pointing at Don and trying to boss him around and laughs at us when we say something we think is over his head. I wish I could bottle his little personality when he lets it shine. I miss it when he hides this spunk.

- - - Off the subject for a min but last night Wyatt peed in his bed. I was so tired, I slept through it all, but noticed the towels when I dressed them this morning. Tonight as we put them in bed I realized Wyatt's dirty sheets were still on his bed. When I was changing them and Don asked if Wyatt's blanket needed to be washed, I told him only if it smelled like (and I spelled it) p-i-s-s. As Don walked out to drop the blanket over the stairs, we hear Jaxon respell in his little voice, "i-s-s".

OOPS. - - -

So eventually, we need to go grocery shopping and maybe even out to a park or even Nana's. But for now we will just sit tight and enjoy being home while their little bodies heal up all the way.

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Thrifty Living Mom said...

Amazing what they pick up on isn't it? Hope they feel better soon.