Friday, June 19, 2009

Just call me mom

The creative team I am on had an assignment/contest. It was to make an "all about me" page. The idea of those make me cringe because there is not much to "me" right now, but in the end I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

It reads:
When I set out to do an about me page, I was embarrassed that the main thing I do is be a mom. My life completely revolves around the four guys in my life- my husband and my boys. Getting the boys dressed in the morning, then what is for breakfast? If we have school that day, it is a bit of running around to get there on time. Some days we go to the park or to my moms house to give them a change of pace. Then everyday it is the same question of what to feed them for lunch and dinner. Followed by bath and bed time where I get ready to do it all over again the next day. Fill in the spots in-between with laundry and refereeing arguments, some cleaning and playing and that is my life right now.

But when I got to think about it, there is not any other place I would rather be right now. I am so glad I get to cuddle my little boys when they wake up in the morning and fill their need for loves during the day. Having them sit on my lap as I read Thomas the Train book for the fourth time in a row. To feel their little arms squeeze my neck when I get a hug is priceless. I get to watch them learn new words, ideas and concepts everyday and I hear the words,” I love you” at least one hundred times a day.

So while the question of “Who am I?” may not have such a big, important, dimensional answer that it could have ten years ago, it is the answer that I fought so hard to give. There is nothing more I would love to be at this point at my life, than a full time mom and a very blessed wife.

journaled July 2009

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