Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Las Vegas to Omaha

Our trip started out with a huge itinerary. 10 stops in less than three weeks! Don and I made reservations for most of our campsites well over 4 months ago and we have been over the route hundreds of times. Lists had been written, checked, and double checked. We had to think about things we may need out on the road that we have no need for here at home. Do you have any idea how many types of bug spray there are? Or the chemicals they put inside them? So many new things for us to learn.

Our trip began May 27th. We had taken my dad's Hummer for the third row option since my mom was tagging along for the first few days and our cars just wouldn't have fit more than five people. Our plan was to leave at dinner time and drive 20 hours straight from Las Vegas through Utah and Colorado and finally reach Omaha, Nebraska. We were driving straight to the Gaggiano side of my family.

The boys slept fine most of the first night. Except they woke up every time we had to stop for gas. It wasn't much of an issue for the most part -except a little after 3am when they all woke up and saw the sun rising somewhere is Colorado. After declaring "the sun's awake!" all three stayed up for a couple hours and one by one they would fall back asleep, although Lucas held out until past lunch time.

We got to Omaha at dinner time and the boys were ready to RUN! Luckily for us, KOA put us smack next to the playground. The boys ran up and down the gigantic slide and swung on the swing and hung from the bars as Don and I set up the camper. Right after dinner time Lisa, Lori, Lynn, Aunt Shirley and Uncle Matt joined us for a couple hours.

This part of the family is more of my Mom's generation, but it was so awesome to catch up with them (outside of Facebook) and get to know them all face to face.

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Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

You have a very Sweet blog and a very sweet family..My First two are twins..Then when the twins were four months old I got pregnant again. So I brought my third child home three days after the twins turned one....SO I totally know what you are going through with three little ones....Mine are easy peesy now....Oh forgot to mention I went on to have two more... Our youngest being almost three...I will say the one thing about having multiples is they always have a friend to play with..or fight with...*wink*...don't know how I stumbled across your blog..I'm sure its while I was blog surfing...I have two nieces and a nephew that live in LV and a brother in Henderson. Was just there in Sept...So jealous of all your Sunshine....{{{Hugs}}}