Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010 II

This Christmas was so much fun. I wonder if it could possibly get any better...

Aunt Leigha was in all her pregnant glory. We are all so excited for her little guy to join us.

The boys have reached a new stage in adorableness. When they opened gifts and saw what was inside, they actually would gasp in excitement at what they saw inside. Next they would yell out for their brothers to "come see this" while they would hold the present up high and dance around the room with it. They were 100% genuine responses, and so stinking cute.

Here is Jaxon with a new age spirograph. He has no idea what it is, but thinks it looks SO COOL! and CAN"T WAIT TO USE IT! Check out that smile!

Wyatt here has received $5 WHOLE DOLLARS!! and is doing a little money dance to get some of the excitement out.

The whole day was so much fun with the boys. Next year I will have to have the camera ready and be prepared to catch their reactions on tape. I really love the age they are right now -they are so sweet and mostly kind to each other :) Hopefully we get a few more years like this while Christmas is still magical for them.

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