Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This year for Christmas, the boys wrote their letters to Santa a bit later. It really was a big cause of stress to not have the letters written since that meant less time to find the gift on the list. Luckily, everything came together a few days before Christmas and each of the boys had gotten what they asked for.

Jaxon asked for the Bat Cave, Lucas for a large Flash and Super Man, and Wyatt wanted the Thomas train Misty Island set.

The boys were thrilled to see Santa had gotten what they wanted, but when they saw what their Mom and Dad had gotten them, they were doubly thrilled! That works both ways since Don and I are excited to have something to help the boys expend their energy outside.

After a bit of play time outside, the boys came back in to relax while playing with some of their new toys. Here are Lucas and Jaxon both playing new Leapster games. We all enjoyed our down time until it would be time to go celebrate Christmas at my parents.

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