Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Same as years before, Christmas Eve was at my parents house. Lots of family and friends gathered, for a night of so much fun. This year we had a new addition to the cousins picture! Little Reese is so adored!

The kids get a taste of Christmas by opening gifts from each other. Not sure what happened here, but Reagan thinks something is hilarious about Luke.

Jaxon got these book from Reagan and Reese, and he was so excited! He wanted to get to reading them to me right away!

Christmas Eve equals lots of kisses -not that anyone needs an excuse to love on a baby!

Even Jaxon can not resist the charms of Reese.

What is Wyatt doing with his nose pressed against the front door window? Looking for Santa of course!

Don -uh- I mean Santa, was seen walking outside by the front of the house. Luckily he didn't mind walking by a few times, since the kiddos were not all ready to see him and some missed out.

What a magical way to end the evening!

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