Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's new here...

Uncle Carl is in town and as you can tell, the boys were THRILLED to see him. They no longer call him "Uncle Jeremy" anymore, which I know we all thought that day would never come. They think he is just awesome and funny. He knows knock knock jokes (and more importantly- listens to their endlessly) and tries to take on all three at a time. They love their Uncle Carl!

Little Reagan spent the night! After seeing her at Christmas we realized how much time always slips away between visits. So since we only live 15 minutes away from each other, we hope to make plans like this more often. We all loved having her here!

Wyatt has gotten into the habit of playing with my jewelry. Usually it is just my rings. He likes to find out which one is from when Don and I got "mayo-weed" and declares them all pretty. I didn't mind the ring playing as long as they all end up put away instead of in the back of his toy jeep which has happened before. But on this day, he took all of my necklaces out and put them on. I couldn't help but laugh. The laughing did not last long though once it took me over a half hour to untangle them. Jewelry is no longer considered a toy...

And last, Don got me this foot massager many years ago. The boys pull it out almost daily and sometimes use it on their feet, sometimes just turn it on and play with their match box cars on it. The other day when I decided to use it I was instantly mobbed. One way or another we all found a way to share it.

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