Monday, January 04, 2010

Giga Ball

Aunt Leigha gave the boys a fantastic present called a Giga Ball for Christmas. It has been too chilly for us to use until this weekend when someone forgot to tell mother nature it is January and she cranked the heat up to 60 degrees and sunny all weekend long.

After watching a couple you tube videos of other kids trying it out, the boys were really excited to try this themselves. Jaxon and Lucas (literally) jumped right in, while Wyatt kind of held back a bit -stalling once he was inside- not really wanting to roll in it. When it was his turn we let him just hang out inside of it, no rolling necessary. All three had a great time and I think Don was really fighting to urge to climb in and give it a try himself.

Here is Jax rolling for the first time

This is Lucas after we moved to a bigger hill area. Even though only one gets in the ball at a time, you can see all three of them are having a blast!

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Andrea said...

I want one!!!! How fun!