Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Lovies

Little buddies, lovies, handsome boys, my sugars -and on occasion, I call them "Bob". I find myself loving these little guys more and more every day. Four has been such a fun age for all of us. Also the most trying with all their independent ideas, thoughts and opinions. But the good far outweighs the moments of trials.

I love listening to them giggle while playing games. Or while running around the house chasing each other while pretending to be "Pinchy Toes" ( a bad train guy). Even though I have to remind them not to run in the kitchen, the sound of them laughing while they chase each other is contagious.

They love the word diaper still. That and anything to do with the word poopy. Sometimes they just laugh at words that make no sense. Their knock knock jokes are horrible, but somehow make sense to the four year old brains and they just laugh as they think of them, causing the other boys to laugh just to see their brother laughing.

Costco was their first read word. Target gets screams of excitement if it is spotted as we drive by. Del Taco is Wyatt's favorite place to eat and Einstein Bagel is Luke's. Jaxon is easy, usually liking anything on his plate. Jaxon was the first to recognize the word "the" "T-H-E! T-H-E! That's the word 'the' guys!". His enthusiasm for it has rubbed off on the other two and now they all love to spot it. I painted the alphabet around their room and random site words as well and they are beginning to ask about the words and recognize some as well.

All three end up in our room at least once a week. We bypassed the whole sleeping with the kids stage until they turned 3. I think Wyatt's ear surgery started it, but I could be wrong. It is heaven and hell at the same time. I hate the sleep it causes us to miss, but I know these days wil not last forever. And generally if we tell them they MUST stay in their room for the night, they usually do. Until 5 am when they will come in and fall back asleep until 7/8 or so. Given the choice between 5 am wake up or 8? I will gladly share my bed!

Their personalities amaze me. Lucas is so much like me and it is so hard to see my struggles through my son. He is standoffish. Not for lack of interest, but for lack of confidence. We have to constantly pull him to us, to show him affection first. Sometimes we talk to him and he will not answer, I think just to see if we are paying attention- which little buddy, we always are! His laugh brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I think because when he is laughing it is the only time he really sets himself free. He loves for us to breathe and sniff on the back of his neck like a dog. And more than anything, he loves his Daddy. They have a special bond. He hates to get in trouble. It happens rarely(!) but when he is in the hot seat he cries (just like me!) out of guilt. He is such a great rule follower and seems so wise beyond his age. He is such a lover and protector. He feels lots of empathy and I just wish he could feel how much we love him. I love that his brothers look up to him, he is definitely leader material.

Wyatt is a lover. He is like velcro on our backs, stomachs, in our arms, or in our face. He still studders a bit and will stop and say "hmm" while thinking of what comes next. It is an endearing habit and I will miss it once speech therapy helps him. Wyatt is having a really hard time following rules lately. He listens, and then chooses to do something else. It has gotten him in lots of trouble lately, and after he is in trouble he is so contrite and tells us he is sorry and will be a better listener. He says it himself! Wyatt is an eater, always hungry, even only 5 minutes after breakfast he will ask for a snack. He talks about growing and getting bigger all the time. Lots of times he gets in a mode where he just wants to do things for a laugh and he gets very possessive things. Whether it be a toy, person, train or game, Wyatt tries to claim everything as his own. Then he smiles and (tries to) charm his way out of any trouble. I think he may have many girls in his wake as he gets older.

Little Jax is a handful. Not in a bad way, but he keeps us on our toes. We always have to makes sure he is keeping his toys out of his mouth (still! at age 4!) and he has a horrible habit of picking his head, in spite of sleeping with mittens on and neosporin on his head around the clock. He has had this boo-boo on his head more of his life than he has not had it. For the record it has been about 4 different sores, but unfortunately always in the same area, so it seems like the same one all this time! Jaxon has a belly laugh that is the same as when he was a baby. Anyone who hears it laughs along with him, his personality is so contagious. He does not like to be crossed and has a real passion for things being fair. He is smart and knows when mom and dad are trying to pass one by him AND will call us out on it. Which also causes some authority challenges, but after going to head to head a few times, I think he is finally learning who the parents are.

They are all learning so much and becoming such beautiful boys inside and out. Don and I are so proud of them and are very excited about what our future with them brings. Camping, sports, school (we are not as excited about that), shoe tying, and snow playing. Every day with them is such a blessing and I hope we all live long healthy lives so we can be here with them and experience all the joy that the next 50+ years will lend us. If I said it a million times a day, it would not even come close to being enough -I love you all so much.


laraine said...

Great, great, great post!! Your boys are so sweet!!

Debbie said...

Such a lovely post!