Thursday, August 06, 2009

Floaties rock!

While I was cruising the internet about 8 years ago, I remember coming across all these sites about infant swimming. I thought for sure when I had a baby, we would be in my parents pool all the time, cooling off and letting the water soothe us. Then we had three babies at once and the idea of bringing all three in the pool sent me into a sweaty mess and my heart would start pounding. Even with a one to one adult/child ratio, it was too hard with the kids trying to crawl out of the floats and trying to keep on their nap schedules and my head would just feel like it was going to explode -so all the baby swimming didn't happen like I would have loved.

This past summer we have been doing much more swimming. And been going through LOTS of sunscreen. I think we are on our 7th and 8th bottle of lotion right now. Even with all the SPF 50's, Wyatt's tan line makes him look like a half dipped Easter egg.

Since Nana and Pops pool had been having chemical issues, we had gone to the community pool countless times. It is only about 2 and a half feet deep, so they have had tons of time to get comfortable in the water and figure out new fun things for them to try. Jaxon will put his head under the water for about 15 seconds just trying to see how much longer he can go. He tells me he wants to be a diver when he grows up.

Now that my parents pool is back up and clean, we have been swimming there as well. Wyatt and Jaxon are having a blast swimming around with their floaties on. I use the term swimming very loosely though, it is more like a tread, but we will take whatever progress we can get. Luke wants to try to swim, but he is still a bit afraid. His nature is to observe and observe more. And then when HE is ready, and not a moment sooner, he will jump in with both feet and rock it out in his own style.

For now though, Jaxon is jumping in the pool with his floaties on his arms and goggles on his face. Wyatt is treading around the step/jacuzzi area, staying close to the walls, but feeling the taste of freedom. Lucas is staying close to the steps, or staying in the jacuzzi all together, but loves to hold on to our back while we swim around. But no matter what we are all doing, all five of us are having a good time at the pool this summer.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how big/old they have gotten....funny how I was reading this blog and Jax is exactly how I thought he would be!!
Think about you all often!
<3 Tami Calvano

Annie said...

I told you the boys would be fishes by the end of the summer!!! That's awesome! They are getting so big...