Monday, August 17, 2009

Card Sharks

Sometime in the past few weeks, we have taught the boys how to play "Go Fish". We started by teaching Wyatt (who becomes very addicted to playing the same game over and over again -just like me come to think of it!) when the other two were playing outside. Once Wyatt go the hang of it, we tried with again, but with all three.

After a couple crazy games, they all seem to have the hang of it. Since they are unable to hold their cards up (with their hands anyhow)so no one can see, Lucas has learned he can look around to see who he should ask. As his eyes wander between our cards he asks us, "Do you have a pour (four) Way- G-ax...Mommy?" Jaxon is learning to listen to who asks for the same numbers he has in his hands. Not only does this give him a fair advantage, it also helps keep his voice to a minimal yelling level so he can hear everyone else.

It gets trying to teach them a game, but -like anything else -so worth it when they get it. Now if I could just remember more card games to teach them...

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