Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fishing 101

For the boys birthday, Annie had gotten each of the boys a fishing pole. Even though we brought it with us on our camping trip, we never had the opportunity to use it.

When ever Jax sees something on the television that reminds him even remotely of fishing, he begins to talk about how much he really wants to fish.

Finally Don took it upon himself to teach the boys the basics of fishing. He gave each of them their fishing poles and taught them how to drop the line and reel it back up. Originally, he was thinking to have them practice in the backyard, but with daily temperatures being over 100 degrees, he had to get a bit inventive and find another spot.

Who knew the upstairs hallway could be such a hot fishing spot?


Annie said...

Who else would get fishing poles for kids that live in the desert? I'm glad they're enjoying them!!!!

Thrifty Living Mom said...

What a great idea! Looks like they are having fun!

Anonymous said...

Nice! We've yet to use ours, we need to!
Love you!