Friday, December 15, 2006

Take 2!

After a disastrous second attempt at getting a "perfect" Christmas picture of J, W & L Cathy's rewarding all our boys with some goodies. After knowing exactly what I am going for and usually hitting it right on, it is hard to accept defeat this year and send out a "best shot" picture. The boys are so beautiful but it is a challenge to capture that innocence and wonder in the photo of all three of them at the same time.

Here are some that aren't making the cut...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was surprised at how unbelievably hard it was this year to get one good picture. Good luck.

Laraine said...


When the boys were 18 months I tried to take photos of them under the tree. I took 175 photos over 2 days and got one good one! The year after that I took about 100 photos and got one sort of Ok one. This year I cheated and made a collage of photos from the last 6 months :-).

Photo editing is great but there is only so much you can do!. You need a decent one to start with