Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sleeping Babies

A couple weeks ago, the kids were in the back seat on the way home. They were a bit crabby, so I had given them some bread sticks left over from lunch to munch on. All three were happily munching away and Wyatt fell asleep with his bread stick still in his hand. Luke was sitting right next to Wyatt and noticed he had fallen asleep. Next thing we saw was Luke reaching over, taking the bread stick right out of Wyatt's hand, and stuck it in his own mouth. We laughed a bit about it, thinking just how smart little Lucas is. A bit closer to home we looked back again just as Luke put what was left of the same bread stick back in Wyatt's hand as if to make Wyatt think he ate it himself.

After a similar incident happened today on the way home, I felt I should write about how sweet they are when they sleep. I know time will fly by and it will no longer be so clear in my mind.

Jaxon is a easy sleeper. He's usually is the most awake when we lay them down. We lay him on his back with his little "chewy" in his mouth and pull his blanket up to his chest. He likes to kick his legs all over and I swear he tries to get them stuck between the slats of the crib. Jax is a biter, so we give him a teether when we lay him down. More than once when we've picked him up after nap time, he's had small wood splinters on the side of his mouth from gnawing on his crib. We finally had to screw in a clear wall guard on the crib sides to protect the crib from Jax's wood cravings. Long after we close the door to their bedroom, it is Jaxon we hear chattering and giggling in the monitor.

Lucas is also an easy baby to put to sleep. As I put his blanket over him, he will grab a section of it to tuck under his chin and cuddles in with his thumb in his mouth. I am not sure why he tucks the blanket under his chin, he tends to do it with any of material items he can get his hands on. He'll even walk around with a little towel balled up under his chin. I don't claim to understand why he does it, but he looks so sweet when he does it. Once Luke lays down and gets his blanket ready, he is usually down for good. Oh, I know the moment we close that door he is up and looking to see if his brothers are up for any mischief, but while we are in there he is the perfect picture of a cuddly baby.

Wyatt's bedtime routine tends to take a bit longer than the other two. We lay him on his belly and cover him with his blanket. He will lay there and his little mouth starts moving, not making any noises, but his lips just open and close while his eyes close. We know he is in his sleepy groove when we see his hands search for the side of the mattress. Don or I will rub his back while he is doing all this, knowing that the 2 extra minutes it takes letting him find his sleepy groove is worth it. If we rush it, we'll be listening to them for 20 minutes while he and his brothers start playing and jumping in their cribs.
Even though Wyatt is almost always the one who wakes up when I go to check on them to be sure they are warm and covered, he is the first one to fall asleep in the car. Which leads me to today's car incident...

Today we had been running behind schedule and since lunch was going to be late, we ran to a drive through to get fries for a short term fix. The boys were all in the backseat, happily eating. One minute Wyatt was munching his fries and the next Don noticed Wyatt had fallen asleep while feeding himself a fry.

Once we got home, I opened the back door to take Jaxon out of his car seat. Wyatt's little eyes popped open and he shoved the rest of his fry into his mouth, like he had never even taken the short nap!

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Anonymous said...

I love the stories of them eating/sleeping in the car. I can totally imagine Robert and Noah doing the same thing! Cute pictures too!