Monday, August 12, 2013

San Clemente

We had an incredible spot!
Right now we are on our last trip of the summer.  We are camping at San Clemente State Beach.  It's a beautiful campground with a gorgeous view from our spot, number 88. 

You boys are at an age (8) where we feel comfortable letting you ride your scooters around the camp. Up and around you go, it gives you some freedom while giving us some quiet.  Lots of people ride their bikes, walk their dogs and just come by to see the view of the ocean.

Today (like yesterday) is just a lazy day at the beach.

Jaxon has no fear and keeps going too far into the water.  Yesterday a lifeguard boat came up to Don and Jax, apparently their distance made the life guards nervous as well!   It is great to see Jaxon find something he feels he excels at. 

Lucas really seems to enjoy the whole beach package.  He has a good time whether he is digging in the sand or catching more waves.  Luke is happy no matter if he is just hanging out and jumping over waves, or taking the boogie board and riding waves all the way into the beach. 

 Wyatt is much more cautious in the water -too many wipe outs maybe?  He calls out to Jax and Lucas if he feels they are too far out in the ocean.  Sometimes he is so worried about them he won't see a wave coming up until it crashes into him!  Mostly he was only going in as deep as his chest, but on the last day Wyatt was back in his wet suit and riding the waves once again.  Mostly in the shallow areas, but at least he's trying it!


All three of you especially love the train that comes right by the beach, making sure to get up to the tracks each time.  It's really a picturesque beach with so many umbrellas and people everywhere.
Hard to believe you'll be back in school soon!  Sometimes this summer dragged, but I am bummed to think we will have many months before we can do this again.  You boys are growing up so fast and we really are enjoying the people you are growing up to be.  I wish we could bottle up days like these. 

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