Friday, March 26, 2010

A New Stage (PTMAU)

**See that cute innocent face?**

The boys have reached a new stage in their childhood. It is the one I may refer to "Pray They Make Adulthood Unscathed".

This stage includes trying to ride on their little trucks where ever the fancy strikes them. This could be down our slanted driveway, or even better on their steepish slide. Sometimes they try other things, like climbing on the outside of their clubhouse like spider man, or deciding to go around the top of the clubhouse to pick seed pods off the tree next to it.

**See how he is ready to ride that little truck down the slide?**

When they were babies, I was ready for all this. I baby proofed every room, moved every cord, locked dangerous cabinets, and took every precaution we could think of.

** Here they are on the TOP shelf of the linen closet**

But this little boy stuff they are going through right now... seems the only way to prepare is to PRAY first that they don't get ANY wonky ideas. And I know that that prayer is futile, but what kind of mother would I be if I didn't pray for THAT? I will call it my preventative prayer. And second, I can just pray that that when they do "experiment" they can do it without any long lasting mental effects.

**This one speaks for itself**

I am both a worrier and a mother. I worry about everything from the wind ruining our garden to things like the wind blowing down our house. The mother in me knows they are boys, and this is what little boys do. More importantly, it is what makes little boys grow, feel confident and keeps their bodies busy and strong. But take that little BOY and turn him into a group of like minded BOYS and it always spells trouble around here. And I have a sinking feeling it will only get more worrisome as they get older.

I think they will make me gray by the time I hit 35.


laraine said...

Laura - I hate to tell you this...but this is only the beginning.

Not only do they get more creative, but they get better at 'hidding' their creativity from Mom and Dad. They work together and have someone checking to make sure no one is watching while they pull off their hairbrained stunts.

I'm not saying this from experience...not at all. My angels would never do something like that...never :-)

Laura said...

Hahah! I have met your boys, they are angels :)

Thanks for the heads up though. Makes me think maybe I should keep the baby monitors in their room so I can use it as a spying machine in the coming years...