Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you see what I see?

I know this just looks like a busy picture, right? But it is a picture that so perfectly illustrates another reason I love Don.

It started as the decision was made to put the garden plants on a separate timer. The veggies need to be watered more often than the better established plants in our yard. This means we (Don) has to dig out a path and lay new PVC through the kids playground area.

Just as Don starts digging -you can see from the picture he had only dug out about 4 feet so far- both Wyatt and Jaxon are drawn like magnets to the newly turned up dirt. Joining their already overcrowded party comes Roxy, thinking this digging stuff looks like tons! of! fun! and digs all around the new dirt piles.

Before I even took this picture, Don had to stop digging at least twice to get Roxy out of the way of the shovel and had to tell the boys not to put the dirt back in the hole. BUT HE KEPT ON GOING. Unphased and crowded by little beings hell bent on making his job difficult, he just kept on going.

He didn't even complain that instead of helping him by clearing his path, I left to get the camera and then just stood there taking pictures.

He is so good to us.

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