Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

It is 2014!  We had our first New Year celebration with the five of us.  We had lots of food (jalapeno poppers, mozerella sticks, and pigs in a blanket.  Even the bacon Lucas requested, ha!) The plan was to go East coast style and get you all into bed after the ball dropped in New York City.  BUT the television wasn't showing the ball drop! So, after hoping they would show it at 10, and popping open our sparkling cider and party poppers, we realized it wasn't going to show then either. 
We hung out in the livingroom, the five of us and played Yatzee while listening to the top women artists. You boys heard some new songs and we had a good time all the way until it turned midnight in Las Vegas.  We jumped in the car and drove to the railroad tracks, getting a beautiful view of the fireworks. 
It was a wonderful start to a new year.  I love all four of you!

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