Sunday, April 06, 2014

Boulder City

We all really enjoy going to Boulder City.  It is a little town past Henderson that just has lots of old town charm to it.  This time we went for a VW car show, and then to go fishing at Veterans Park. 


The VW show gave you and your Dad lots of ideas about different colors to paint the Bug.   Unfortunately being that we had Roxy with us and you guys stayed up late last night at Nan's, it wasn't a good recipe for just hanging out at the show so we didn't stay long.
So after some great pizza and garlic twists, off to Veterans Park we went.  It was your third time fishing, but for whatever reason (we blamed the bad bait) we didn't catch any fish.  We still had a good time trying.  The weather was perfect, it was relaxing, and Roxy was glad to be hanging out with us. 


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