Monday, November 09, 2009

Snap shots

Yesterday we went to Mount Charelston with some friends in hopes of getting some new pictures for Christmas cards. The boys loved being out of the car and just wanted to climb up on the mountains, so they were not thrilled when we wanted to take pictures first. They did a pretty good job though and we all had a nice day being in the fresh crisp air.


Annie in Texas said...

Pictures look awesome girl!

Michele S said...

Those pictures are so awesome. God bless your little overachieving heart. You make me get all warm and fuzzy.

(Greg wants to know if Don't hair is darker?)

laraine said...

Laura - those pictures are fantastic!.

I never thought of going to Mt. Charleston for x-mas photos. What a great idea. I have to go buy my boys some sweaters and head to the mountains :-)

Laura said...

Laraine, there is a place we went before that we liked, on the Mt Chrleston side, of the mountain (not Lee Canyon side) Kyle Canyon Campground. They have neat rocks (like landscaping rocks) around different areas that would make great backgrounds and more areas to pose as well. Call me if you want more info on it.

Michele, Don thought his hair looked really dark too. I wonder if it is just the difference between his and the boys or if it is because he actually did his hair with gel :)

Thanks Annie!

the Provident Woman said...

What fun! Those are great pictures!